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Are You Looking to Finally Gain Energy Independence and Save Hundreds Per Month On Your Energy Costs?

Consistent Monthly Savings

Did you know that traditional energy inflation is 5% increase in electricity costs annually, but with current events, is forecasted to increase by 20% each year? You can save between $100-$500 per month with a residential solar system so you can become your own virtual power plant and escape ever-increasing energy costs with no upfront cost.

Cutting Edge Technology-Made in USA

At USA Clean Energy Association, we can help you utilize cutting edge solar technology that has a warranty-backed guarantee that the system will produce enough energy for your home. We have the largest selection of American made solar panels and inverters.

Easy, Simple Installation with No Cost Upfront

As solar consultants, we can make the transition to clean energy simple and frictionless so you can begin saving money as soon as possible with no upfront cost involved. Our installations are quick and easy so you can start saving immediately.

Ongoing Support

We will help you throughout your customer journey, ensuring that not only is your solar installation seamless and professional, we will handle your project management for the life of your system.


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No Cost Upfront To Get Started Saving!


The amazing thing about saving with solar energy is that there is little to no cost upfront in most scenarios.  For qualified homeowners, savings can be immediate and equal over $40,000 over the lifetime of your residential solar system, all while increasing the value of your home by an average of $26,500!

Energy Costs Are Forecasted To Rise

Average electricity inflation each year 5%
Energy Inflation forecast beyond 2022 21%
Average savings per month with solar 49%

Solar energy on your home is the best way to lock in today’s rate for electricity, at a lower cost generated by the sun.  Our cutting edge technology is guaranteed to perform beyond your expectations, and to ensure you’re saving money month after month, and year after year.

Wendy & John Save $203 Per Month

``We have saved over $203 per month with the USA Clean Energy Association. We highly recommend them. Their process was simple and easy, since we designed our custom system over a virtual meeting. We are considering adding solar to our rental properties now.`` - Wendy and John C. - Naperville, IL

Jim Couldn't Believe Solar Could Work In Washington

``I was skeptical at first, because we're not in a state where the sun is always shining. But the solar consultant explained that ultraviolet rays still power the panels on cloudy days so I signed up. I was ecstatic when my new electric bill came in for $2 a month. I now save $123 per month every single month!`` Jim P., Camas, WA

Ready To Start Saving?

Book a hassle-free virtual meeting so you don’t even have to leave your home to see how much you can potentially save with solar!

Shannon Was Already a Believer

``I had solar on my last house when I was renting. I knew solar made sense and saved me money so it was just a matter of finding a company I trusted and that could do the job quickly and efficiently. The USA Clean Energy network helped me design my system virtually and now I save over $150 per month`` - Shannon T. - San Diego, CA

Install Only Took 30 Days!

``I canceled my solar project with another company that was taking too long to get the job installed. I knew that this company was trustworthy when they told me they handled the installs in-house.`` Rob W.., Grand Rapids, MI


Find Your State

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but these are some of the states we have helped hundreds of homeowners go solar in.

Every state has different parameters and government incentives, so it’s important you choose a nationwide partner rather than just a local company.  All of our installers are local in-house, but our expertise is on the national level to ensure that you get the best results from your solar energy system.

Ready To Start Saving?

Book a hassle-free virtual meeting so you don’t even have to leave your home to see how much you can potentially save with solar!