Iowa Solar Incentives

Federal Investment Tax Credit

Hey homeowners, there’s a sweet 30% tax credit waiting for you on the total cost of your solar panel system thanks to the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC). And guess what? This credit goes straight to reducing your federal income tax if you own the system. So, grab this incentive while it’s up for grabs!

Net Metering

Check this out – with Iowa Net Metering, if your solar panel system is producing more juice than you need, you can sell that extra energy back to the grid. This could score you credits for your future bills. Thanks to Iowa’s Interconnection Standards, utility companies have an easy time offering net metering, which means you can start seeing those energy bill savings pronto.

Iowa Property Tax Exemption

Upon installing a solar panel system in Iowa, you’ll be pleased to know that your property will not be reassessed for a period of 5 years. This translates to no increase in property taxes attributable to your solar installation, reflecting a financially prudent and supported decision towards renewable energy adoption.

Iowa State Income Tax Credit

Enjoy a savings of up to 6% on the total cost of your solar panel system courtesy of Iowa’s Sales Tax Exemption. This exemption eradicates the sales tax on installed systems, presenting a notable cost reduction as you transition to solar energy.

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