Washington Solar Incentives

Washington Net Metering

Thanks to Washington’s net metering program, any extra solar energy your system cranks out doesn’t go to waste – it earns you credits to cut down your monthly utility bill. It’s a neat way for residential solar customers to chip away at their electricity costs and it’s a big thumbs up for more folks to hop on the solar energy bandwagon.

Washington Interconnection Standards

Washington’s interconnection standards are all about easing the way for homeowners to hook up their solar systems to the grid, ensuring everyone has access to safe, reliable, and cost-effective electricity. This move is key in the state’s bigger picture to boost renewable energy use and put a dent in carbon emissions. It’s more than just a nod to going green—it’s about making it a practical choice for every household.

Sales Tax Exemption

Washington’s sales tax exemption is a real game-changer, shaving thousands off the upfront cost of your solar installation. This incentive sweetens the deal, making the switch to solar energy a lot more wallet-friendly while you step up to enjoy the broad spectrum of benefits that come with renewable energy.

Federal Tax Credit

The Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is like a financial high-five for going solar, offering a credit of 30% of the system cost that gets deducted from your federal income tax, provided you own the system. This tax credit is a golden ticket to save a pretty penny, potentially thousands, on your solar installation. It’s like getting rewarded for doing something awesome for the planet.

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