Michigan Solar Incentives

Michigan Distributed Generation Program

Initiating a solar system installation in your home paves the way for shrinking those monthly electricity bills. Plus, any surplus energy your system churns out will earn you credits, pushing those bills even lower. Your move towards solar doesn’t just brighten your home, it lightens the load on your wallet too

Renewable Energy Credits

The Michigan Renewable Energy Certification System (MIRECS) steps in by issuing Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) which you can grab under certain REC programs. These credits are a great way to support and get recognized for your green energy contributions, making your solar journey even more rewarding.

Alternative Energy Property Tax Exemption

With this perk, the value of your solar system won’t be tacked onto your property tax valuation. This means more savings for you, making the switch to solar not just eco-friendly, but also budget-friendly!

Last but Not Least: Federal Tax Credit

Here’s a sweet deal for homeowners – you get to claim up to 30% of your solar system costs as a credit on your federal income taxes. So, going solar becomes a lighter lift on your wallet, while you enjoy the sunny side of energy savings!

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