Solar Farms

Solar Industry is Booming


Solar Farms are in Demand

According to a recent study, 92% of people want more solar farms. However, the booming solar market space doesn’t imply that solar marketing has become more comfortable. People are starting to see the advantages of solar power that are too good to miss out on.

More Complex than Ever

Solar marketing has become more complex than ever, and getting reliable leads can also be taxing. Since solar is an invaluable item now, running an effective solar marketing campaign is pertinent to your business’s growth.


Custom-made and Unique Leads to
Each of our Clients.

We comprise adept solar contractors and proficient appointment setters that can help you with your campaign.
We generate leads for our clients by offering exclusive, affordable, and high-quality appointments to each client.
At our company, we prioritize our customers’ business and ensure their firms attain the greatest heights possible.
Also, USA Clean Energy Association guarantees to keep your solar pipeline full and your company filled with clients.

We are Here to Help

Are You Looking to Market Your Solar Business?

Do you require the services of a reliable and trusted solar marketing agency? Look no further! At USA Clean Energy Association, we can help you market your solar company and expand your brand’s status more than you can imagine.

Work with us today!

We Prioritize your Business's
Success and Development.

Let us handle where your next prospect comes from while you worry about selling and making a profit in your business.
Our exclusive lead generation tactics coupled with reliable data will undoubtedly keep your calendar full.

Three-pronged Approach

We have a Package for Everyone.

Mining solar data

We do not only provide exclusive and high-quality pre-set appointments, but we also help our clients in converting leads to paying customers.

Pre-qualification Stage

Our exclusive and reliable pre-set appointments are what you need in your business. You can depend on us to take your business to the next level.


Instead of traditional marketing techniques, we have developed a modern tactical method that saves time, filters data, and promises top-notch appointments.


With our relationships with several companies in over 39 states, you can be assured that your solar company is in good hands.


With USA Clean Energy Association, generating leads for your business becomes faster. your business sales are sure to skyrocket.


With several years in the solar industry, millions of dollars spent on our marketing strategy. We prioritize your business's success and development.
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We Focus

Focusing solely on high-quality appointments

Our sales partners and clients have mentioned that they close between 30%- 80% of the appointments they set. Our impressive record is mainly because we focus on providing exclusive appointments for our clients. 

What are you waiting for? Contact us at USA Clean Energy Association to boost your business sales with our modern and tactical marketing approach!

Feel free to go through our website, testimonials, and customer reviews. If you’re interested in experiencing skyrocket sales in your solar business, simply schedule a call and receive our case studies by filling out our form.